Digital Video Recorder/Home Theater PC

 What is fable-dtv?

fable-dtv will be a gtk-based version of a popular set-top Digital Video Recorder/Home Theater PC program. fable-dtv will provide an easy-to-use interface, similar to a VCR or a DVD player, for recording and watching tv shows and playing other audio and video media.

fable-dtv will be written using the gtk+ toolkit, and use the postgresql database.
  fable-dtv will be programmed in C and C++. 

 Who is developing fable-dtv?

See the fable-dtv project page for the list of developers.

 Where can I get fable-dtv sources?

fable-dtv is in the planning stage.  We hope to have sources by the beginning of next year.  Send us an E-mail if you're interested in helping.

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